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Posted on Jul 1, 2019

eTest Network, LLC

Is Asbestos Still Legal?
Yes. In the field we often explain to people that it is still legal to use asbestos in homes and buildings. In fact there is a company here in Denver who still manufactures at least two asbestos containing housing products. Over the years various legislation has been passed in regard to asbestos which limited production, use, and created removal requirements, but the bottom line is it can still be used and it is still a problem.
There is no magic year after which I can say you definitely have no asbestos in this building. What I can say from experience is that the likelihood of having asbestos in materials peaked in the 1960’s and fell off quite dramatically in the mid 1980’s. We've found asbestos a couple times in buildings built after the year 2000, but its quite rare. We find asbestos in lots of places but most commonly it is in drywall texture (not just popcorn ceilings), linoleum and vinyl floors, glues and mastic, concrete, wallpaper, and roofing materials.
Most people get an asbestos test in one of the following instances.
1. Prior to a remodel of the building.
2. When purchasing a property.
3. After the building is damaged by water or fire.
4. Prior to demolition.
Give us a call today if you have questions or concerns about asbestos in a property.
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